• Date Recorded: 2005-07-15
  • Date Added To Archive: 2005-07-17
  • User Share: Unknown
  • Venue: Avalon
    Boston MA USA
  • Artist: Dinosaur Jr
  • Style: Live / Electric
  • Artist Names: J Mascis, Lou Barlow, Murph
  • Media Type: FLAC
  • Source: Studio Projects LSD2(Cards X/Y 90*)>Bumblebee MiAGi II>Edirol UA-5(Oade T-mod plus)>Nomad JB3 .wav @ 44.1
    Mic Location: FOB, DFC 40ft from stage
    Transfer: JB3>firewire>pc>CD Wave> Flac Frontend 1.7.1
    Taped and Transfered by Jason Adler Jason at Galactic-Trading dot com

    Photo Credits: Bruce W. Siart / sidemouse.com